Blog -2022 Brings Growth and International Expansion for Alviere
Future of Finance

2022 Brings Growth and International Expansion for Alviere

Embedded finance is changing the way brands interact with their customers. With the advent of embedded finance, brands can now integrate financial services into their core offerings and deliver more personalized customer experiences. From bank accounts and branded credit cards to Buy Now, Pay Later programs, embedded finance is democratizing access to powerful banking tools that financial institutions have controlled for years. 

Technology has not only fueled the digitization of banking, but it has ignited a new question: Will a non-financial brand become a customer’s trusted banking partner? According to market projections, the answer is yes. 

The public’s trust in banks is low, consumer frustrations over traditional banking processes are high, and tech-savvy generations are open to pursuing new financial relationships with companies that personalize the user experience. The embedded finance industry is projected to be worth $230 billion in the U.S. by 2025 and reach $7.2 trillion globally by 2030. 

As the fintech revolution continues to evolve in 2022, Alviere is leading the charge to bring embedded financial services to brands around the world. We recently announced financing from Silicon Valley Bank to fuel our growth in Europe and Latin America. The funds will be used to drive customer acquisition and product innovation while enabling brands in new locations to implement embedded financial solutions. 

News of the financing with Silicon Valley Bank follows a slew of announcements throughout 2022 highlighting Alviere’s growth and expansion. In May, we joined forces with modern card issuing leader Marqeta to enable the delivery of advanced financial services to customers across Europe and the United Kingdom. The groundbreaking partnership enables our enterprise clients to issue branded cards to their customers in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, with Alviere operating as an Electronic Money Institution and Principal Member card issuer across the region.

In addition to expansion in Europe and Latin America, Alviere has also been blazing trails in the U.S.-based embedded finance landscape. Earlier this year, we announced AutoPayPlus as our first automotive industry client. The partnership enables AutoPayPlus to offer prepaid promotional debit cards to clients to boost the automated loan service provider’s loyalty program, increase customer retention, and grow profits. 


Expand Your Brand’s Offerings

As brands and businesses navigate the era of digital transformation, many are turning toward new strategies and opportunities to grow customer acquisition and retention, which is close to our heart here at Alviere.

Our embedded finance platform delivers a full array of financial products and services to the brands people know, love, and trust. 

The future of embedded finance is here, and Alviere is leading the way. 

To see what Alviere can do for your brand, reach out to us today.

Written by Sammi Jones