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5 Q’s With Luis Trujillo, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Luis Trujillo is Alviere’s Chief Compliance & Risk Officer and heads up Compliance, Risk, and Payments operations. He has spent a large part of his career establishing complex corporate structures, banking relationships, and payment operations. 

In addition to having developed, implemented, and managed compliance & risk management programs globally, Luis has more than 10 years of experience working in private and public sectors and has supervised and consulted companies such as Amazon Payments, Google Payments, and MoneyGram. 

Alviere caught up with Luis to learn about his role in the company, hear his thoughts on the embedded finance industry, and get the inside scoop on the security and compliance framework that makes Alviere’s platform number one on the market. 


What is your main focus at Alviere? 

Luis: I oversee compliance, enterprise risk/internal audit, and security. However, I have a magnificent team that covers each area, so I spend the majority of my time working closely with the executive management team, working on strategic and day-to-day operational matters, and leading the company's international expansion efforts.


Why Alviere?

Luis: Alviere is the only enterprise-grade and licensed embedded financial solution in the market. We provide a true end-to-end solution for our clients, and we manage all of the complicated parts such as compliance, fraud, banking operations, and treasury. We even take it a step further by helping our clients design and build their user experience, and we give them a dedicated customer success team to ensure shared success. 


How do Alviere’s security and compliance products differ from those offered by other companies in the same sector? 

Luis: While I can't speak for the security and compliance departments of other fintech companies, I can say that Alviere has an industry-leading security and compliance framework. We're Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 certified, which is the highest certification that any organization can obtain in terms of PCI. We're also SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified. We're regulated and running a shop that our regulators are comfortable with — one that far exceeds the expectations of any other third party, including clients, auditors, and investors. 


What excites you most about the embedded finance space?

Luis: Alviere, of course! So I'll stick to what excites me most about our company. Usually, when you work at a financial institution, you are the product, and you expand on it. That's it. At Alviere, each of our clients is unique, and by partnering with them, we have the sole responsibility to make their unique product offering a success. I'm a builder by nature, and I enjoy the opportunity to be able to help our enterprise clients build their financial services offerings.


What items would we find on your office desk right now?

Luis: I have a few cool things on my desk. I have a picture of my family in Zaanse Schans, Holland (I want to go back every day!), a small polar bear bendable figure from one of my daughters that reminds me to keep cool, and a placard my wife got me that says: ‘Everyday I’m hustlin’ — something I enjoy doing every day for Alviere and our clients.

Written by Alviere