NFT and Crypto Podcast

Are NFTs and Crypto Adoption Still Good Strategies for the World’s Top Brands?

The world of crypto has faced a tremendous amount of uncertainty throughout 2022. However, challenging times can often lead to new opportunities.  

“If we’re heading into a crypto winter or a bear market, that’s really the time where innovation and strong companies are built,” says Aaron Kruse, Director of Blockchain and Crypto at Alviere. “Many of the names that we’re currently talking about today were founded in, or launched their main products in, the last crypto bear market.”

In this episode of Embedding the Future of Finance, host Jay Saling sits down with Alviere’s CEO Yuval Brisker, COO Pedro Silva, and Aaron Kruse to discuss the current state of the macro crypto environment. What does the market uncertainty mean for companies looking to add crypto and NFT to their business strategy? Are we in for a brutal crypto winter, and if so, how long will it last? Tune in to hear more!

Written by Alviere