Future of Finance

CEO Check-in: Yuval Brisker on 2023 so far

Episode Highlights:

0:55 - New opportunities: Embedded finance technology being a bride for Non-U.S. companies who want access to the U.S. financial system.

4:21 - Unexpected use cases: Increased demand for yield from both enterprises & their consumers, optimizing internal money movement.

6:10 - Looking inward at opportunities to streamline money movement

10:26 - #1 headwind facing the embedded finance space and innovation in general: inertia

13:48 - What most people don't get about embedded finance

21:15 - Putting the end-user experience first

17:15 - What happens when you don't think about innovation.

24:50 - Looking to the future


About this episode:

What’s new and exciting in the embedded finance category?

What are some non-obvious trends and use cases evolving?

What are the headwinds the market faces?

What is most misunderstood about the embedded finance space?

In this episode, Jay Saling sits down with Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of Alviere, to get his answers to these questions, and share his point of view on where embedded finance is heading.


Additional reading:

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Written by Yuval Brisker