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Coinbase Prime and Alviere: Bringing Crypto to Business Everywhere

The world of crypto is a major component in the future of business evolution as the next generation of interconnected financial technologies continues to advance a restructuring and repositioning of product and services.

A Conversation between Alviere’s Co-founders Yuval Brisker, CEO and Pedro Silva, COO/CTO.


In this episode, CEO Yuval Brisker alongside COO Pedro Silva explore the dynamics of Alviere’s emerging global partnership with Coinbase under the Coinbase Prime program by discussing the vision for collaboration moving forward, the decision-making behind the entire process, and the technological underpinning that makes this collaboration the perfect fit. 

Yuval: “I’m all about working with the best and the biggest, it’s really about the reach Coinbase has, the reputation they have for being the leader, and then ultimately the brand they have, the capacity that they have…they’re leading, they’re visionaries, and they are very proactive looking forward…”

Alviere is always customer-focused and forward-moving, and much like Coinbase, innovation is a key component of everything we do. 

Pedro: “Innovation is at the heart of future relevance of our products, and innovation is key to the mid and long-term strategies behind our products…”

As our visions with Coinbase align, crypto is a big bet for Alviere for the future. For us, crypto isn’t just about creating a very efficient and powerful technological infrastructure to move money around, but taking advantage of this infrastructure to help build even more inclusive financial products around it. Alviere is taking on this innovation in a responsible way, and putting it into a roadmap to provide greater value to our clients by removing the complexity from crypto for easier access for businesses and their customers. 

Yuval: “For me, it’s really about the long term potential for our customers…the minute we’re aligned with a partnership like Coinbase, I think it sets us up for providing the best of the best at any given moment in the world of crypto…the sky's the limit…”

Not only will this partnership channel more users and customers to Coinbase, it opens the door for future crypto lending, borrowing, and staking services that will create a new dimension of financial interconnectivity that is an evolution from where we are now, and brings us all closer to a decentralized financial landscape in the future. 

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Written by Alviere