Embedded Finance

Beyond the tech, client success hinges on implementation

For companies evaluating embedded finance providers, there are often-overlooked teams you should ask about: Customer Implementation and Customer Success.

A technology stack that includes all of the financial capabilities your enterprise may need now and in the future is critical, but a team of dedicated, professional subject matter experts ensures program longevity and safety as your brand enters financial services.

At Alviere, we define client Implementation as the structured and coordinated process of setting up a program in the Alviere HIVE platform, beginning with contract execution and culminating with a predetermined “hypercare” support period after market launch, during which the program receives priority monitoring and support.

Alviere’s Implementation teams are cross-functional by nature, including treasury management, compliance and customer care, led by a dedicated Implementation Project Manager (PM), who serves as the primary point of contact to streamline coordination throughout the project lifecycle.

Throughout the project, Alviere’s clients engage with the full cross-functional team through a series of workshops. 

Implementation workshop types:

  1. Card issuance. Align early on branding & design for any virtual or physical cards, including physical card carriers and envelopes. This ensures ample time for physical card manufacturing, shipping, and testing ahead of market launch.

  2. Technology and API integration. A dedicated Implementation Solution Architect works hand-in-hand with client technical resources to ensure they have an appropriate understanding of the Alviere HIVE technology platform capabilities and requirements for API integration. The Solution Architect also coordinates technical environment setup and assists with sandbox and production integration testing.

  3. Treasury management. An Alviere Treasury Management specialist will review the flow of funds with finance, accounting, and treasury counterparts from the client organization and align on how treasury management and vaults work to operate the program.

  4. Legal & regulatory. Alviere in-house Legal & Compliance experts will outline all fraud requirements and controls, including documentation that may be necessary to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Based on the business risk tolerance and Alviere’s expert compliance guidance, the configurable risk levers to deploy will be determined to meet Customer Identification Program (CIP) requirements, build the customer onboarding flow, and to manage accounts.

  5. Customer care. Bringing together customer care experts from the client and Alviere, we review requirements for Tier 1 and Tier 2 support. That could include the option for Alviere to provide full white-label banking care, or to train and coach the client’s Tier 1 support team.

  6. Data & business intelligence. Alviere will review and train client teams on the unified web portal and raw data feeds clients can use to access and understand all facets of their program, including customer onboarding analytics, transaction and spend data, and treasury management.

  7. Launch readiness & hypercare planning. All cross-functional teams review launch readiness, sign off on go-live, and review the post-launch hypercare process. During hypercare, Alviere and the client team proactively monitor the program, address issues quickly, and ensure a smooth ramp to post-launch operations. Typically, this is anywhere from 30-60 days depending on the scope of the program.

It’s worth noting that these workshops focus heavily on the technical, systems and infrastructure implementation required to run a financial program.

“A structured, predictable, and thorough implementation is critical to the long term success of our clients’ programs. We guide our clients through the process, educating them along the way, such that all aspects of the program, including technical integration and go-to-market, align at the right time for a successful launch and scale.”

Carter company headshot

Carter Chandler

Senior Director, Customer Implementation


Long term customer care and success

Simultaneous to the Implementation activities and process described above, Alviere’s Customer Success team works closely with clients to build a go-to-market strategy. They continue supporting the business long after a program launch with a consultative approach to identify opportunities, execute in the market, and optimize business performance.

Client partnership is foundational to Alviere’s shared revenue success model. Understanding the client’s business initiatives and objectives translates into a successful program implementation and launch.

Post-sale support and partnership is one facet of a successful program. Read more in the Buyer’s Guide: Key Considerations in Selecting An Embedded Finance Provider.

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Written by Alviere