Embedded Finance

How Sandboxx is using embedded finance to re-write military financial wellness

Watch the entire interview with Sam Meek, co-founder and CEO, Sandboxx


3:40 - Sam Meek's background and life journey through the military
7:05 - The creation and vision of Sandboxx
12:35 - Sandboxx’s growth
18:05 - Introducing fintech into Sandboxx’s product to create financial wellbeing for recruits
22:30 - Why Sandboxx chose Alviere as their embedded finance partner
27:20 - The role of financial services in the military
31:40 - Delivering app-based financial wellness instruments to the military
37:30 - The long term vision of military financial wellness


About This Episode:

New recruits for the US military get rapidly thrown into adulthood from the beginning of their military journey and start having to make many challenging decisions for the first time - personal finance management being one of them.

We sat down with Sam Meek, co-founder and CEO of Sandboxx, to talk how his personal background in the military and how that inspired him to create Sandboxx, the role of financial wellness within Sandboxx's platform, and how Sam is using embedded financial technology to help recruits receive and manage their money. We also talk about Sam's larger vision around being a critical component of financial wellness for the men and women of the US military.

In addition to this conversation, Yuval and Sam spoke on how their service int he military helped shape them to become the people and leaders they are today. To listen to that conversation, click here to go to Yuval's podcast channel, A Jolt of Yuvalocity.


Video Clips:

Sam describes how Sandboxx learned about embedded finance and determined it was the right technology for their goals.


Sam describes Sandboxx's decision making process to pick the right embedded finance partner for their program.


Sam describes why he chose Alviere to power his embedded finance program.


About Sandboxx:

At Sandboxx, we believe the men and women of our armed forces — from the recruit on the first day of boot camp to the decorated veteran returning to the civilian world — deserve to be connected to the resources and services that help them navigate and make the most out of their career journeys.

Sandboxx gives our nation’s heroes the most powerful way to confidently navigate the many transitions of military life: connection.

Our digital platform enables efficient and secure comms, leveraging DoD organizational structure to let those in uniform be connected like never before.

Linking service members to their loved ones, to each other, and to expert military knowledge, Sandboxx delivers the ease of connection.

Developed by veterans with decades of service, Sandboxx is dedicated to providing products and services geared specifically toward service members’ needs.

Visit Sandboxx's website, here.


Written by Alviere