How we define program management, and why it matters to the success of your program


Program management is a general term that can be used to describe any post-sale effort that may include design, implementation, and launch. The level of collaboration and support can vary widely, so it's best to understand what each embedded finance provider means by program management, as it directly impacts the success of your program.

Holistic. Engaged. Invested. Comprehensive. These are the words that help describe the Alviere approach. 

This is how we define program management.

We don’t do turnkey or hands-off. At Alviere, we invest in your business to configure a fully embedded solution, we harness and apply subject matter expertise during implementation, and remain focused on profitable growth. And we never stop optimizing your financial services program.

Our full-service team brings continuity to managing your program, business, and brand. Every step of the way, from program design, implementation, launch and ongoing success.

“We guide our clients through the process, educating them along the way, to align all aspects of the program, including technical integration and go-to-market, for a successful launch and scale.” - Carter Chandler, VP, Client Delivery

What to expect from our expert team

We know that dedicated expertise for your business will pay dividends for long-term success. Here are the resources, milestones, and guidance your organization can expect when delivering financial programs with Alviere.


In consultation with clients, the Alviere Solution Architect designs a solution architecture diagram specific to the use case, incorporating existing workflows and technology stacks. They’ll consult with Alviere's legal and compliance experts to ensure adherence to state and federal regulations. From there, a Financial Analyst refines pricing structures and models potential earnings. Lastly, Alviere presents a Formal Proposal to incorporate all aspects established during Solutioning, including the solution overview, financial model, Master Services Agreement (MSA), and Statement of Work (SOW).

Contracting & Implementation

Upon contracting, Alviere's Implementation team takes charge, overseeing the end-to-end process for program launch. We host a series of workshops with your team and our subject matter experts to cover all facets of card issuance, technology integration, treasury management, legal and regulatory compliance, and customer care. Then, we perform detailed, iterative testing of consumer-facing apps, Alviere HIVE platform functions, and end-to-end real-world user journeys to address any bugs and launch a consistent, reliable workflow. We work together to create a market-ready product to get the sign-off for go-live.

Go-live & Hypercare

Alviere ensures a successful program ramp through proactive monitoring and heightened communications for a specified period known as Hypercare. You can expect your Implementation Project Manager, Customer Care Lead, Go-to-market Manager, and our Fraud & Compliance team to be available to address issues quickly, with heightened communications for a 30-day period, and 3x per week Health Check meetings to elevate any issues. During Hypercare, your support tickets are moved to the top of the queue and you can expect a response within an hour during support hours.

Go-to-market Success

Post-launch, a dedicated Go-to-market Manager monitors performance, collaborates on growth strategies, and conducts quarterly business reviews with your team. This enables both organizations to identify opportunities to optimize and uncover how the Alviere HIVE platform can support the next phase. Our Customer Care and Fraud & Compliance teams continue supporting operations as they scale, stepping in to address customer questions and continuously auditing customer documentation or transactions. Beyond day-to-day operations, we focus on profitable growth that amplifies your core business throughout the program lifecycle.

Proof: Every client has renewed or expanded their contract with us.

Our commitment to client partnership often uncovers new use cases, opportunities, and applications to amplify your business. Learn how AutoPayPlus launched an employee payment solution through the Alviere HIVE platform, and then engaged us to address a customer loyalty challenge. 

Offering financial services doesn’t have to be overly complicated, or require massive amounts of internal resources. The Alviere HIVE is a comprehensive technology platform providing an extensive range of configurable, branded financial products, including accounts & wallets, card issuance, streamlined payments, and global money transfers. Working with Alviere is much more than accessing an API, it’s tapping into financial product expertise across all phases of a program to reduce program risk and to assure regulatory compliance.

Security, safety, & compliance is the foundation

Alviere’s team of compliance experts work with enterprise clients to bring their financial products and services to market. We adhere to strict Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), fraud management, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards and processes to safeguard your organization.

Client success is our North Star

There's a reason we don't just offer APIs. Adding financial products to propel core business initiatives takes more than a bunch of code. At Alviere, we don't expect our clients to be experts in launching financial products, that's what we do everyday.

We tailor our approach and apply our expertise to align with client and program goals. It's not a cookie-cutter approach, but what's consistent is the attention, experience, and care we apply — throughout the life of the program.

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Written by Alviere