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5 Sessions We’re Excited to Attend at Groceryshop 2022

Digital transformation has arrived on the doorsteps of the grocery world. And the industry’s response? Cue the automatic sliding doors and welcome the new possibilities that await.

This year’s Groceryshop conference in Las Vegas promises to deliver the latest insight and business advice pertaining to the grocery industry’s digital transformation. From educational presentations and workshops to case studies and panel speakers, the in-person event is expected to draw more than 4,000 industry leaders from around the world.

At Alviere, we’re looking forward to attending Groceryshop 2022. We’ll be on the show floor networking and exhibiting at booth #935, so be sure to stop by. Members of our team will also be attending a variety of educational sessions to learn more about the new technologies driving the industry forward. 

Here’s a look at five agenda sessions that our team is excited about.


1. Rapid Fire: New Grocery Technologies Worth the Hype

[Sept. 19, Session 3, Track 2: Exceptional Omnichannel Experiences]


Dave Steck, VP, IT Infrastructure & Application Development, Schnuck Markets

Neta-Li Meiri, Chief of Global Tech Innovation, Strauss Group

Benjamin Thompson, Head of Digital Marketing, Endeavour Drinks Group

Chris Walton, Co-CEO, Omni Talk (Interviewer)


Groceryshop’s preview: Three grocery experts will discuss the merits of online and in-store grocery technologies in a game-show style format. From livestream shopping to the metaverse, aisle-roaming inventory robots, and micro-fulfillment centers, speakers will offer their take on technologies that are providing clear value to grocery shoppers and others that should be cautiously considered.

What Alviere will be listening for: We’re looking forward to learning more about the technologies that today’s grocery stores are implementing. Our team is also excited to watch Chris Walton lead this rapid-fire-style session. Alviere’s CEO Yuval Brisker was recently interviewed by Chris, so we know firsthand that he’s a great interviewer.


2. Track Keynote: Unifying the Online and In-Store Shopping Experience 

[Sept. 19, Session 2, Track 2: Exceptional Omnichannel Experiences] 


Jennifer Saenz, Chief Merchandising Officer, Albertsons Companies

Soche Picard, CEO of North America, Arc Worldwide (Interviewer)


Groceryshop’s preview: With more customers using a combination of in-person and online shopping, it's vital for grocery retailers and brands to offer a seamless experience across channels. In this discussion, a retail leader will share how they are bridging online and offline data, restructuring their organizations, and adopting new capabilities to best serve today's shoppers.

What Alviere will be listening for: Whether customers are shopping in-store or online, we all know that seamless experiences are important. In this session, we anticipate discussions about the ways that big brands are strategizing to deliver the best experiences for today’s shoppers. Our team is also eager to hear Jennifer Saenz talk about omnichannel shopping and what Albertson’s is doing to enrich their customers’ experiences.  


3. Building a More Inclusive Brand

[Sept. 20, Session 1, Track 3: Workshops: Marketing]


Raquel Navarrski, VP, Customer VP, eCommerce Pure Play, General Mills

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Founder & CEO, BrainTrust (Presenter & Interviewer)


Groceryshop’s preview: Consumers increasingly consider brands' social values and inclusivity as they shop. CPG brands and grocery retailers with products, services and messaging that address diverse audiences are well-positioned to connect with today's diverse consumer, but they must also live these values and foster a workplace of diversity and inclusivity. This session will feature a presentation by an industry expert and an interview with a retail or brand leader sharing the do's and don'ts for building an inclusive brand and meeting the needs of diverse groups.

What Alviere will be listening for: Many of today’s embedded finance applications focus on delivering financial products to demographics that were previously unable to access basic financial services. As Raquel Navarrski and Kendra Bracken-Ferguson take the stage, we’ll be curious to see how their companies plan to bring more value to their underserved customer demographic.


4. Catering to Gen Z Shoppers with New Products and Experiences

[Sept. 20, Session 2, Track 2: Catering to the New Grocery Consumer]


Kristin Patterson, Head of Retail BigBox, NA Global Business Solutions, TikTok

Vanessa Pham, Co-Founder & CEO, Omsom

Santhi Ramesh, Chief Commercial Officer, Wells Enterprises (Halo Top, Blue Bunny & Bomb Pop)

Kate Hardcastle MBE, Broadcaster & The Customer Whisperer, Insight with Passion Consultancy (Interviewer)


Groceryshop’s preview: With a disposable income of $360 billion in the U.S., Gen Z has captured the attention of most retailers and brands. This digitally-native group is financially conscious, values sustainability and authenticity, and is eager to shop on new platforms and channels. In this panel discussion, leaders from grocery retailers and brands will share how they are engaging with and developing products and offerings for Gen Z shoppers.

What Alviere will be listening for: Gen Z is the generation that’s most open to adopting financial services from non-bank institutions. In this session, it will be interesting to hear how this panel is approaching financial services to create shopping experiences that keep customers returning. Supporting Gen Z with their financial lives provides the opportunity to have them engage with your brand every single day. 


5. Maximizing First-Party Data Opportunities for the Cookieless Future

[Sept. 21, Session 1, Track 3: Workshops: Ecommerce]


Jay Picconatto, Head of Global Commerce, General Mills

Sabrina McPherson, Senior Managing Director, Publicis Sapient (Presenter & Interviewer)


Groceryshop’s preview: Digital marketers are preparing for a major shift in how they target and reach consumers with personalized ads, as Google is set to join other technology companies in dropping support for third-party cookies next year. In this session, an industry expert will share tactics for how marketers can make the most of first-party and other data and where marketers should shift their budgets in order to maximize their spend. After the presentation, they'll be joined on stage by a retail or brand leader to discuss how they're navigating these changes.

What Alviere will be listening for: Embedded finance technology delivers first-party spending data to brands. As consumer privacy becomes more stringent – and the “Cookiepocalypse” weighs heavily on the minds of business executives – we’ll be listening for the strategies that brands are executing to capture larger sets of first-party data.


Catch Up With Alviere on the Show Floor 

If your grocery store is ready to learn more about Alviere and what our embedded finance platform can do to enhance your customer relationships, swing by booth #935 to say hello. 

Written by Alviere