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5 Reasons We’re Excited for Money 20/20

How will open finance and embedded services change the way money moves? What do NFTs and tokenization mean on a global scale? How is inflation affecting the entire money ecosystem? For answers to these questions, look no further than Money 20/20 USA. 

The premier fintech event of the year, Money 20/20 USA promises to deliver on an agenda aimed at tackling the toughest questions facing fintech and financial services. Packed with inspirational speakers, educational sessions, and networking opportunities, this year’s conference will focus on stories told through four lenses: vulnerability, defense and offense, chain reactions, and experiences.

Here are five things that Alviere will be watching for at Money 20/20.


1. Regulatory Measures and Their Impacts on Brand and Fintech Partnerships 

Many companies in the fintech space are aware that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is knee-deep in analyzing the complex arrangements between banks and fintechs to address their vulnerabilities in the banking system. Most recently, OCC ordered Virginia-based Blue Ridge Bank to improve its surveillance of third-party fintech partnerships. 

One session we’re excited to attend at Money 20/20 is Regulation and Fintechs hosted by speakers from Lithic, Coinbase, and Airwallex. We expect to learn more about Washington’s financial regulators and how their compliance agendas are impacting the partnerships between brands and fintechs.


2. New Ways Brands Are Implementing Crypto 

Following recent market volatility, crypto and Web3 regulations will surely be hot-button issues at this year’s Money 20/20. While crypto prices have been underwhelming as of late, we predict speakers will pivot to focusing on the new opportunities tech is bringing to the crypto space. 

The recently announced FTX debit card and the popularity of crypto rewards offer an interesting glimpse into how both fintech and non-financial companies are embedding crypto into their products. We expect to hear more announcements along these lines.


3. In-Depth Conversations 

Getting opportunities to meet face-to-face, learn from industry leaders, and have in-depth conversations with peers are what these confabs are all about! Last year’s Money 20/20 drew more than 8,000 attendees from over 2,800 companies, and this year’s event is anticipated to be even larger. From payments companies and banks to the latest big tech players, it’s a chance to connect with new people and network with the innovators who are pushing the fintech industry forward. 

We’re eager to catch up with our existing partners, like Coinbase, Currencycloud, Marqeta, Plaid, and Array, who will be attending the conference. And we’re always on the lookout to expand our ecosystem by meeting new partners, so stop by — our team will be on the floor and ready to share how our platform can generate more revenue for your brand.


4. Embedded Finance for Big Brands

We’re looking forward to attending the Tuesday afternoon embedded finance session that features Matt Harris (Bain Capital Ventures), Scarlett Sieber (Money 20/20), and Sophie Guibaud (Fiat Republic). Earlier this year, Scarlett and Sophie launched their book “Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience” in which they explore the world of fintech and how embedded finance is being used by brands to heighten the customer experience. We’ll be listening as Scarlett and Sophie explain the new opportunities for organizations that want to better understand this new category they have defined as “the financial revolution.”

Pro Tip: Following the session, be sure to stick around for the book party to get your copy signed.


5. How Brands Plan to Leverage Data in a Cookieless World

As the Cookiepocalypse draws near and brands scramble for new ways to collect customer data, we’re curious to learn how other fintech companies are preparing for the post-cookie world. Sarah Billner, Co-founder of FinTech Sandbox, is scheduled to present Fintech and Data — Changing Sustainable Finance for Good, and Forever on Monday afternoon, and the session promises to deliver insight on the ways that fintech and data can interact to build a more inclusive financial world. It’s definitely a “can’t miss” forum.


Learn More About Embedded Finance and Alviere

Embedded finance is projected to be the star of this year’s Money 20/20 event — and Alviere is ready to show you why. We have a casual lounge for conversations, so swing by; we’d love to meet you and discuss what embedded finance can do for your brand. 

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Written by Alviere