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We hear time and again in customer conversations that what sets Alviere apart is the expert guidance from our team. There’s no single way for an enterprise to launch new financial products, so there’s a distinct advantage to working with a provider that offers technical, compliance, and go-to-market consultation throughout the program lifecycle.

Our newly released Launch Guide: Expert guidance for enterprise embedded finance programs offers insights into the key phases and milestones involved in launching financial services with Alviere. Here, we’ll summarize the critical stages, and why they matter.



Alviere collaborates closely with our client's team, bringing in subject matter experts to guide on technical, financial, and legal implications during the Solutioning stage. The Alviere Solution Architect (SA) designs a solution architecture diagram specific to the specific use case, incorporating existing workflows and technology stacks, then refining the solution to ensure complete alignment. The SA will consult with Alviere's legal and compliance experts to ensure adherence to state and federal regulations.

Simultaneously, we kick off due diligence to assess the financial soundness, solvency, reputation, and regulatory requirements of the client organization. By ensuring prospective client organizations meet certain standards, Alviere helps protect the integrity — and longevity — of every program we manage for our enterprise clients.

With the solution architecture approved, an Alviere Financial Analyst refines pricing structures and models potential earnings. The resulting financial model illustrates the program's contribution and will be refined alongside our client’s financial stakeholders to make sure assumptions are sound. Lastly, Alviere presents a Formal Proposal to incorporate all aspects established during Solutioning, including the solution overview, financial model, Master Services Agreement (MSA), Statement of Work (SOW), and remaining due diligence requirements. The proposal undergoes rigorous review by various stakeholders on the client's cross-functional team, involving technology, finance, legal, and procurement experts.


Contracting & Implementation

Upon contracting, Alviere's Implementation team takes charge, overseeing the end-to-end process for program launch. This team includes an Implementation Project Manager, Solution Architect, Go-to-market Manager, and Customer Care Lead. Well before project kickoff, our client’s team will know the expected timeline for implementation. This is typically three to six months, depending on the complexity of the financial program and go-to-market plan. 


During the Implementation phase, a series of workshops with Alviere subject matter experts will take place, covering card issuance, technology integration, treasury management, legal and regulatory compliance, and customer care. Alviere can provide full white-label Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for client programs, or coach a client’s frontline support agents for Tier 1 coverage.

Before launch, Alviere and the client organization perform detailed testing of consumer-facing apps, Alviere HIVE platform functions, and end-to-end real-world user journeys. Testing is iterative to determine which bugs are blockers, address them, and launch a consistent, reliable workflow. The teams work together to create a market-ready product that meets expectations at launch and ultimately garner sign-off to go-live.


Go-live & Hypercare

Alviere ensures a successful program ramp through proactive monitoring and heightened communications for a specified period known as Hypercare. This allows us and the client team to address issues quickly with heightened communications for a 30 day period and 3x per week Health Check meetings to elevate any issues. 


Go-to-market Success

Post-launch, a dedicated Go-to-market Manager monitors performance, collaborates on growth strategies, and conducts quarterly business reviews. This close working relationship enables both organizations to identify opportunities for program innovation and how the Alviere HIVE platform can support the next phase. Alviere Customer Care and Fraud & Compliance teams continue to provide support through the program lifecycle, stepping in for any customer questions and continuously auditing customer documentation or transactions, as our monitoring systems signal the need for manual reviews.

Alviere takes a strategic approach to client partnerships by configuring embedded solutions and focusing on profitable growth throughout the program lifecycle. Read the full Launch Guide: Expert guidance for enterprise embedded finance programs to learn more about the resources, milestones, and expertise that contribute to long-term success.


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Written by Alviere