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Webinar: Keys to a modern card program

Watch the video: Has your card program hit its expiration date?

Companies of all shapes and sizes use cards in key parts of their business operations. Some use cards as mechanisms to acquire new customers — and reward loyal ones — while others use cards to streamline payouts to internal and external contributors.

The key to a successful card program that feels natural within existing user flows is the technology behind the scenes that powers it.

Financial technology like banking-as-a-service (BaaS) and embedded finance enable companies to configure card programs to complement the authentic customer experience. 

In this Keys to Building a Modern Card Program webinar, we discussed the top card issuing applications in the market today, looked behind the scenes of some of our favorite card programs, and provided a step-by-step guide to building a card program using modernized card issuing technology, including:

  • New ways to issue cards
  • Popular applications & examples
  • Critical technology elements
  • Program elements and funding options
  • What to avoid
  • Getting started

Here's the 46-minute recording of Keys to Building a Modern Card program.

Key moments:

5:09 Dish, Starbucks, Walgreens and Uber examples

10:49 Levers to optimize program adoption & success

20:49: Three elements to build the program forecast model

40:47 Using cards for disbursements


Meredith Luera translates Alviere's technical capabilities into customer requirements through her product & marketing expertise. 

Carter Chandler runs Alviere's customer implementation team, applying best practices for all card programs, across global enterprises.

Josh Karpen builds financial models for Alviere clients as part of our strategy team. Understanding the various levers and funding options, Josh defines unique pathways for card program growth and success.


Video Highlights:

Josh Karpen discusses the different elements that contribute to a holistic card program model.


Carter Chandler discusses the key elements of launching and scaling a branded card program.


Meredith Luera discusses the disbursements use case that companies are using branded cards for.


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Written by Alviere