The New Era of Promotional Gift Card Programs
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The New Era of Promotional Gift Card Programs

Your promotional gift card program is a business-critical strategy that’s designed to entice, reward, and thank prospects and loyal customers. 

But is your current card program utilizing the latest technology that maximizes your marketing budget, generates more revenue, and reveals a treasure trove of customer insights? Or is it still relying on traditional card programs that funnel your budget, earnings, and customer data directly to the bank? 

If any of these apply, your program is likely still operating with the traditional vendors:

  • You pay money up front to fund your card program
  • You don’t see any money generated from transactions or interchange fees 
  • The consumer spending data – how, when, and where customers spend the money – is a complete and utter mystery to your brand  

Welcome to the New Era of Promotional Cards

While traditional card programs had a long run – too long, in our opinion – the new era of issuing promotional gift cards has arrived. Maximizing your brand’s promotional card program has never been easier or more profitable. 

With the new way of issuing promotional cards, here are three major ways to make more out of your investment. 


1. Keep More Marketing Dollars in Your Pocket

With the new way of issuing promotional gift cards, tying up large sums of money on the front end is a thing of the past. Modern prepaid card programs come equipped with features like Just-In-Time Funding which lets you allocate money on-demand when the card is actually used, rather than up front. 

Each year, up to $3 billion worth of gift card balances go unused, according to the Mercator Advisory Group, which provides data on the payments industry. If your brand is currently utilizing a traditional card program that requires upfront funding, you’re spending money that you’ll never see again, and that some of your customers will never get around to spending. 

But with the new way of issuing cards, because cards are funded on-demand, your brand doesn’t have to waste the money your customers don’t spend. This means improved cash flow and more money in your pocket.


2. Unlock New Revenue Streams

Every time someone swipes the gift card you gave them, the issuing bank rakes in all the transaction and interchange fees.

With the new way of issuing cards, your brand generates revenue on every transaction made on the cards you provided.  

Some brands allocate the revenue generated from this new way of issuing cards as cost savings to the program, while others have such a scale where the interchange and transaction fees can actually become an additional stream of revenue for the organization.  

However you want to apply the funds, the important point is that your brand gets far more from the program you already have in place and the cards that you are already providing to your soon-to-be, new, and loyal customers. 

If your promotional gift card program is at the center of your customer adoption model, you can’t afford not to explore the new way of issuing promotional cards.


3. Deliver Invaluable Customer Data

With the traditional way of issuing promotional cards, the issuing bank gets to collect all of your customer’s spending data while your brand gets left in the dark. 

With the new way of issuing cards, you gain access to real-time customer spending data and insights. Finally, you can see where, when, and how customers spend with your brand. 

Why is that important? So that you can tailor and optimize your marketing outreach. For example, if you start to see a trend that your new customers spend their prepaid promotional cards to treat themselves to a delivery food service, you may want to forge a partnership with a provider to create an additional incentive to bring more new customers on board.


No Need to Reinvent Your Promo Card Program

Your promotional card program is a valuable tool that should bring your brand closer to its customers. But if the nuts and bolts of the program still rely on traditional card providers, you’re leaving money and valuable data on the table.  

There’s no need to reinvent your promotional card program: we'll help make it more profitable and meaningful for you. 

If you’re ready to optimize your brand’s promotional card program, reach out to us today. 

Written by Alviere