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Top Takeaways From the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

What’s the secret to winning over the heart of a retail consumer? This question was top-of-mind for speakers and attendees at this year’s Retail Innovation Conference & Expo in Chicago, Ill.  

Experts and executives from around the globe gathered to discuss the latest topics and trends driving the retail industry forward. From platforms and applications to tech integration and omnichannel customer experiences, the intersection between digital and physical retail was on full display.

In case you missed the conference, here are Alviere’s top takeaways.


1. Leverage data to optimize the customer journey 

Seventy-one percent of today’s consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions and experiences. To meet these demands, retail brands are actively looking for new ways to gather and leverage deeper customer data to provide the best experience. Painting a complete picture of the customer has become essential for growth, and retail brands are realizing that data has the power to reveal invaluable insight into what customers care about the most.


2. Be omnipresent

Thanks to technology, customers are in the business of consuming content from a variety of channels. With this in mind, brands are embracing an omnichannel approach to sales to ensure they’re connecting with customers around every digital (and physical) corner. From online purchasing opportunities and targeted ads across multiple channels to offline interactions such as “purchase online, pickup in-store,” an omnichannel strategy ensures a seamless brand experience for the user. 


3. Invest to grow

When it comes to investing in your brand’s customer growth strategy, don’t be late to the party. While customer retention is always a primary concern for any brand, today’s businesses are rapidly embracing new tactics and strategies — especially technologies — to drive customer loyalty.


Data to dollars 

As the retail industry continues its search for new ways to engage with customers, one fact is certain: The heart of the retail customer belongs to the brands that embrace personalization. 

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Our ready-made financial products unlock the data your brand needs to ensure your outreach efforts connect precisely where it counts: the heart. 

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Written by Alviere