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4 Takeaways From International Telecoms Week 2022

International Telecoms Week 2022 in National Harbor, Md., featured executives from around the globe who were eager to share the latest news and developments on digital trends, technologies, and business strategies designed to propel the telecoms industry forward.

In case you missed the conference, here’s Alviere’s recap of the top four takeaways from the most influential telecom companies.


1. Seek innovation to boost customer satisfaction

Customer bases are evolving faster than ever before, and they’re constantly being inundated with options. How can major players in telecommunications stay connected enough to keep their offerings in line with customer expectations? Aside from becoming more data-driven, there is a general consensus that embracing innovation may be the golden ticket to helping telecom companies better resonate with their customer bases. 


2. Treat your data like royalty

While the telecommunications industry has been collecting consumer data for many years, it’s been slow to utilize the data to drive decisions. However, this attitude is rapidly changing. Today’s organizations are eager to discuss how they’re using their treasure troves of data to make decisions related to products, marketing efforts, user experience, and the supply chain. The demand for new ways to capture unique data is also in high demand as telecom organizations are anxious to better serve their clients.


3. Partner to prosper

Companies are no longer feeling the need to do everything alone. This shift in philosophy marks a stark contrast to previous years when companies often felt they were in a “race” to expand their native offerings. Today’s organizations are embracing a new strategy: Be exceptional at certain things and seek partnerships to complement existing offerings. Ideally, this new approach will provide end consumers with multiple companies offering the very best products and services.


4. Harness the optimistic buzz

Growth and expansion were two buzzwords circulating among telecom players in the U.S. and abroad. Company executives were eager to share the news that their current focus is on what the next growth engines will be for their organizations. The optimism is a welcome sign that companies are beginning to shift away from managing the turbulence associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The power of partnership 

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Written by Alviere