5 Takeaways From the 2022 Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation Conference
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5 Takeaways From the 2022 Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation Conference

The race for brands to capitalize on the digital era of marketing remains fast, furious, and future-focused. No place was the intensity of this race more apparent than at the 2022 Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation conference in Miami, Fla. 

Fittingly titled “Winning the Digital Race,” leadership and talent from brands around the globe gathered to discuss digital marketing trends, strategies, future outlooks, and cutting-edge innovations. 

In case you missed the conference, here’s Alviere’s recap of the top five trends that are widely circulating in the brand-centric digital marketing universe. 

  1. Goodbye serving, hello hosting

    Your brand’s days of simply serving its customers are limited. Hosting is quickly becoming the new strategy that brands are embracing to energize their customer acquisition and nurturing strategies. Instead of taking a service-oriented approach, consider your customers as being guests in your home. Make them feel welcome, comfortable, and pampered. 

  1. Own the sustainability process

    With environmental sustainability being a top-of-mind concern for consumers, the brands that are finding success in meeting consumer demands are those that are proactively “owning” the responsibility process. Be transparent about your environmental footprint and detail the eco-friendly measures your brand is aiming to achieve. Consumers are eager to do business with a brand that is actively engaged in ensuring a sustainable future. 
  1. Highlight your diversity and inclusion efforts

    If your marketing efforts are strictly reserved for the goods or services your brand offers, you’re missing out. Today’s consumers want to engage with brands that look, feel, and accurately represent who they are and what they believe. To connect with customers on a more meaningful level, your brand’s marketing efforts should paint an accurate picture of the people – the magic – behind your brand. Highlight your diverse workforce, offer insight on your company culture, and share the inclusion strategies your brand implements to ensure a safe workspace for all.
  1. Deliver frictionless experiences

    When it comes to keeping customers happy in the digital era, brands should capitalize on creating frictionless experiences. Avoid third-party pop-outs, keep clicks to a minimum, and don’t put multiple steps between your customers and the end goal.
  1. Prepare for the coming of the Cookiepocalypse

    The Cookiepocalypse, the Cookie Monster, the post-cookie world – however your brand refers to it, one fact is certain: an impending doom cloud is forming over the advertising world. Google is planning to do away with third-party cookies in late 2023, and marketing teams are now confronted with the task of having to reevaluate their digital advertising options, strategies, and technologies. How will brands capture their precious customer data? What methods will they utilize to ensure the continuation of their personalized ads? How much money will a brand have to spend to stay informed on their target audience? 

Don’t let your brand’s cookie crumble 

While it may seem like we ended this top five recap on a flat, apocalyptic note, we’ve actually prepared a rollicking grand finale that’s guaranteed to keep your Cookie Monsters at bay.  

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Written by Sammi Jones